Of Mice and MenMature

 Hours later Tess shrank back in her seat. Her cell phone kept vibrating with texts from her ex Nathan, which she ignored. Eventually she turned the phone off. She tried to sleep, but it didn't come easily. She was seated next to the girl with the dragon tattoo and a teenage Dennis the Menis, who kept glancing at her, menacingly of course. She turned her music up louder, if she drowned out the white noise, and shut her eyes, she could pretend she were somewhere else.

In her mind she was in a happy memory with Nathan. They were at a resort in palm springs, splashing in the ocean during the day, and drinking mudslides at the cabana at night. Her throat welled up Nathan had proposed to her on the last night of their stay there. Her eyes shot open, breaking back into reality. She twirled the engagement ring on her finger. If she had any sense at all, she'd ditch it...or pawn it. Before she could make a decision about the ring, something wiggled in the pocket of her overcoat, making her go still with fear.

Tess's eyes grew wide. She paused her music in time to hear a handsome, but grungy man with long hair and an arrogant attitude being turned down by the punk chick. A teenage boy with darker skin and hair was smiling at her, saying something, she couldn't hear.

Tess gritted her teeth as a small creature tore out of her pocket and climbed onto her lap. She screamed at the sight of the rat, catching the attention of those surrounding her. In that moment the bus veered to the side of the road. This was it, she thought, this is where I'm getting kicked off and let on the side of the road....

Only when the bus driver spoke into his P.A system, he was addressing another man. The rat leaped into the aisle, a tanned boy scooped him up. Tess shot the kid a dangerous look, before returning her attention to the commotion starting a few rows ahead of them. There was a man, he looked as if he were just coming back from a comic-con convention. She couldn't hear what was being said, but the comic-con man hovered over an older gentlemen. His demeanor appeared threatening. Tess paused her music and pulled out her ear buds, the man's voice was low in warning. The only word she caught of the conversation ahead of her, wasn't really a word but a name “William.” and soon after a last name “Samson.”

Tess wasn't the same weak and stand offish girl she was when she with Nathan. She pushed passed the girl next to her, and the man who was kept trying for her digits. She was hell bent on telling the comic-con freak where he could stick it, but something happened in that moment to stop her. The bus driver who was trying to intervene on the two men, was thrown, or shot rather, into the windshield. He bounced back and fell into the aisle. somehow. Tess screamed along with the other passengers. The older man who's name was something odd like Marlin, rushed to the bus driver's aid. Comic con, or Kingsley as he was being called by the older man. Grabbed something out of Marlin's clutched. A book. Tess stood frozen with the rest of the crowd. All this over a fucking book?

Just when Tess thought the situation couldn't get any more screwed up. Kingsley stood over the man. “Your time has come Merlin.”

Tess couldn't tell what happened next, she was being pulled backwards by the punk girl. The back hatch of the bus door was opened by grunge boy, who ushered the rat kid outside. Tess and the girl with tattoos and long black hair, followed suit. The man who had held the door open for them, jumped out of the bus, just a blinding flash, lit it up in flames. Tess screamed as she stared back at the bus, all of those people were going to die. She wasn't sure why or how she moved. Somebody clutched her arm , issuing her forwards. They broke out into a run on the side of the freeway. Whoever that Kingsley was, she was sure the fire was his doing, and that he would be back to finish them off as well.

The End

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