The pocketMature

Xavier's hand found its way into the journalist's pocket, searching around inside of it. Beside the goth lady, a man in a top hat came up.
"Hello ladies," he said.

'Ugh,' Xavier thought. 'I can tell at first glance that this guy's a fop.'

The girl beside him stood up. "Do I look like a lady to you?" she asked nastily.

"Calm down," Xavier said. "Some of us are trying to do business."

He hated when people interrupted his pickpocketing. He got so nervous when there was a commotion next to his target, and whenever that happened, he usually lost his catch.

'Augh!' he thought. 'My hand came out of her pocket.'

He tried again, but this time, the girl felt his hand. Drawing a deep breath, he hoped she hadn't noticed his hand getting in her pocket.

Token squeaked again, very loudly. It drew the attention of Goth, Journalist, and Fop.

".... Hi," Xavier said nervously.

The End

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