Lelia H. (Two Hours Earlier)Mature

"Get out, then!" Lelia's boss yelled. 

"Fine, I will!" She stomped out into the ratty back alley and looked around. Apparently, she had just gotten fired from her longest job yet as a tattoo artist. Thanks to her smart mouth. Five minutes earlier, she had been complaining quietly about the pay. 

She cursed under her breath. Lelia had just lost her only means of income- especially since her girlfriend was poor and in debt. She checked her pockets and wallet.

$165.80- Her savings from these past few days. She figured it was enough to get a bus and escape, find a fresh start like she'd done three years before.  Sighing, she called up her girlfriend, explaining how she had to leave and break up with her. She tried to hang up before she could get angry or upset, but too late. The shrieks and curses could be heard easily.

Lelia rolled her eyes- Monica would get over her and there would be plenty of opportunity for dating. She wasn't worried about her as she walked to the bus station.

A mere 20 minutes later, a greyhound bus pulled up. The driver nodded politely as she paid her fare and boarded. Squeezing past several smelly occupants of the front seats, she shoved towards back and sat down next to a city-princess in the only open seat. She rolled her eyes- just her luck. 

The girl shot a disapproving look at her tattoo sleeve, streaked black hair, and punk clothes. Lelia didn't even acknowledge it- if they didn't like her style, so what? She didn't dress to please them.

She put in her earbuds, cranked up the volume of Slipknot and losing herself in the song. Lelia spent an hour or so gazing at the ceiling and occasionally shooting disgusted glances at the Lost Boy in the opposite row, who had something squeaking in his pocket. Happy moments with her girlfriend, a great finished tattoo- all of these memories resurfaced as she let her mind wander. Then her rare moment of daydreaming was interrupted by a guy in a top-hat.

She shot him a look.

"Hello, ladies."

"Do I look like I lady to you?" She responded snarkily, looking up. 

The End

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