Claude BoucherMature

Claude stood outside the airport, smoking a blunt not exactly far from view of the people going in or out. A lot of people looked at him funny as he stood out like a forest fire. Maybe it was his hair that plunged down to a few inches above his waist. Maybe it was his Top hat, a copy of Slash from Guns N' Roses', one of his Idol.

He dropped the botch on the concrete sidewalk and stepped on it. His flight wouldn't be long to depart an hour top. He was heading back to Texas for a gig. His aunt had fallen sick so he had taken a flight to New York to see her. She was fine, it turned out to have been just a kidney stones.

He passed the screenings, got sniffed by a few dogs, thoroughly searched with way more inappropriate touch than what was reasonable error, until the security gave up.

"I'm clean, guys. Or do you want to go anal? 'Cause that'd be awesome." He declared with a smug grin, earning him irritated glares from the security personnel.

Finally he got to the cashier lady, or what ever it was called, he sure as hell couldn't remember at the moment, who was a rather gorgeous piece. Any day he would have hit that, but he was going to be late.

"Oceanic airlines 885. My flight's in five so can we hurry lady?" he asked rather tactlessly.
She checked his ticket and something went wrong, she tried again it failed again so she spoke into her microphone and called her superior, an older

"What's goin' on?"

The older woman took a minute before answering.

"I'm sorry Mr. Boucher" She began after mispronouncing his last name as Boo-sher "It seem there's been an error, your flight was over booked and all seats are currently occupied. Don't worry, there's a flight in two days in the evening you can still get."

"What's up with the other flights? You outta have something closer."

"I apologize Mr. But we are in the most busy season and most of our flights are already booked full.

He sighed deeply, feeling enraged by the staff's incompetence. "Don't you have somethin' sooner? 'Cause I can't wait 'til then."

She checked a for a minute. "There is a bus to kansas departing in two hours. You can change bus there and head for your destination. As an apology, we offer this trip free of charge." She said smiling, which only annoyed Claude even more.

He just crashed down on one of the bench and took out his guitar from the bag, he strummed the strings, playing Sweet child of mine. Altough he was unplugged, he had paid a fortune using his father's inheritance to buy the Fender, so the music still came out rather well despite the location and situation.

After waiting a long while, he finally boarded the bus. It was cramped in there and with his bag and guitar he could barely pass. Spotting the only available seat, he went for it, accidentally hitting a kid with the guitar case that hung from his shoulder.

"Watch what you're doing, Dumb ass!" The kid snarled.

"I might be dumb, but at least I shower." The musician countered.
He sat behind him, next to a sleeping fat guy that snored... "This is going to be one long trip..." he muttered.

He looked around and spotted a pair of chicks in front of him, sitting next to that dirty brat. He got up and leaned over the bench.

"Hello ladies." He said in his rather charming voice (At least to his own opinion) that held a dash of a French accent.

The End

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