Tessa Davenport, Five Hours Earlier.Mature

 Tessa zipped up her jacket, as the wind and New York air nipped at her relentlessly at the bus stop. Her mood was as bitter as the cold. As a journalist for a traveling magazine she was used to being sent to far off lands, but Kansas? Her lack of enthusiasm caused her to miss her four am flight, the bus had been her last option.

Tessa found her seat and closed her eyes to avoid conversation with anyone. Her mind wandered into thoughts of tumble weeds and Dorthy and Toto. For some reason Tess was being sent to Witchita with a camera to observe the charm of country life in Kansas. At twenty three she was the youngest intern for the elite Miles and Milestones magazine, for the sake of her future she couldn't afford to tell her boss no.

Possibly, she would have put up more of a fight, if she hadn't requested a job out of the area. She was in a fragile post break up state. She would have preferred to be sent to a luxurious resort in cali or a ski lodge in Aspen. How she got stuck in Kansas, was far beyond her? Maybe she would track down Dorthy and they could skip along yellow brick roads and the wizard would send her to Vegas.

She opened her eyes as a suitcase was thrown against her feet. “Excuse me?”

A punk looking girl covered in ink took the seat next to her, apparently personal space wasn't an issue to her. “Sorry princess, the bus is crowded. Hey do me a solid and move your shit I have no leg room.”

Tess glanced down at her designer hand bag ans suitcase, the goth girl was referring to as shit. Timidly she moved it over, sacraficing her own leg room. She plugged her ipod headphones into her ears and rested her head against the fog covered window. This was going to be a long trip.

The End

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