Chapter 12

My feet led me, guided by the inward desire that had rushed through me. I changed direction at seemingly random intervals, darting round rocks and leaping over logs. Even though it hurt me to run so far, I did so; Gregory’s motivation was to protect me from myself - he stayed close by no matter how tired we both were. The sun rolled over us and slipped beyond the horizon, seemingly in an instant; we were shrouded in darkness.

We were both breathing from the depths of our lungs, searching for strength and the will to continue. We both felt the cold sweat as it covered us; our throats were raw like sandpaper. I thought that we were going to keel over into unconsciousness when I suddenly stopped. Having been brought to a halt, my tiredness washed over me and I slipped into a deep sleep.


Lost in a deep blue slumber, I moaned. I writhed and twisted, shaking with the overwhelming power of the Lord for whom I searched. My mind’s eye was wide open, clutched in the hand of the night sky, looking down upon my contorted body. As I trembled, my hand wormed its way into my holster. I withdrew my handgun, turned to my left and shot into the darkness.


I heard a cry as I awoke, the kickback the of the gun reverberating through my bones. The eyes, which did not belong to me, snapped open, and saw blood. Gregory’s blood.

For an instant, I returned to my former self. The blue fell away and I saw with my own eyes.

Gregory, what have I done?

“It’s not you’re fault - it’s that ‘Lord’ - he’s controlling you. He knows that I’m here to thwart his plans and he wants me dead. He made you shoot me.” With the last of my temporary self, I dug into my jacket pocket, the largest one, and found a bandage. I handed it to him as he searched his leg for the bullet. “It was a fast shot, it’s gone straight through.” He wrapped the bandage around his leg and held it tightly. He then wrapped his arm around me and kissed my neck, before letting me go and falling back onto the earth.

The blue coated my eyes once more and dark desires returned. I stood up and ran off alone into the darkness. With each step, the blue became deeper. My strength had returned and I gloried in it. The desire set to work about my body. My eyes were those deep blue-black of which I had been so afraid, blue lines began to appear across my face. Finally, as the sun peered over the horizon, I felt my mouth burn. My throat cried out as it was scalded with a blue liquid, which passed over the stump of my tongue. As I fell to the floor, moaning in pain, something erupted in my mouth. As the excess blue liquid pooled on the floor, I felt something warm and moist in my mouth.

“Thank you, my Lord.” The voice was dark and ancient, but a full voice nonetheless.

It was mine.

The End

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