Chapter 11

I withdrew my gun from its holster and stared at its reflective surface. I immediately wished that I hadn't. For as I gazed into my own face, I was repulsed and frightened by what I found there. My eyes, my jade eyes, were gone. Deep blue eyes that did not belong to me stared back in their place, filling me with fear. With this revelation came the awful knowledge that the disease had tightened its hold on me. Yet with this knowledge there was also a renewed sense of hope.


"Yes, Myra?"

"Having identified the infection in its early stages, perhaps we can use it to our advantage."

"I understand - the woman you described to me sounded as though she knew where this 'Lord' was, perhaps the infection has sort of magnetism which draws you to the 'Lord."

At this, the jigsaw pieces of this investigation started to connect in my head - the blue fog I had seen in the sunglasses, the eerie blue pigmentation, the crazed behaviour of the blonde woman. What had begun as an investigation into a pathogen which caused a waking coma had become something far more sinister. This was no pathogen - this was someone's idea of a sick and twisted game. However, in that moment, it became a game that I had a dark, overwhelming desire to play - yes, desire filled me - a desire I could not identify, a lust I could not pinpoint filled me. With the last of my will, I typed.

"Gregory, please follow me. And be careful."

Whatever lay ahead, I knew it would not be pretty - it would be deeply, horrifically beautiful and would try to destroy me as it had destroyed that poor woman. Following a new innate, wild instinct, I began to run, with Gregory close behind. I ran with no inclination as to where I was headed - one thought ran on loop through my mind.

Lord, I am coming.

The End

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