“So, what are we meant to be doing here?” Trey looks around the room as he sits on the floor.

Jasper sits down too, but not even remotely near him. Everyone else except Draylen follows and sits down on the wood.

“I don’t know. There isn’t even a door. How did we even get in here?” Holly also looks around.

“Don’t you get it? We’re dead.” Draylens voice comes from the corner and he turns to look at them.

“What do you mean?” Holly says, her ongoing smile finally faltering.

“Think about it. Look at us. Remember what you did last.” Draylens voice was like ice in the sudden silence.

“I... I can’t remember what I did last.” Lottie answered.

“Exactly.” Draylen paused, “I can remember.” He felt his neck carefully.

Jasper saw a large red mark across his neck.

“Did you try to kill yourself? I say try, because we are not dead.”  He scoffs to Draylen.

“I did kill myself!” Draylen shouts at Jasper. “We are dead.” His voice whispers.

“No.” Lottie breaks down again in tears.

Jasper shakes his head at her.

“Look, I don’t care if we are dead. I just want to get out of here.” He says, banging slightly on the wall.

“Maybe someone's watching us. Maybe its God!” Trey’s excited brown eyes dart around.

“Oh shut up. I don’t like you.” Jasper says boldly as he stands now against the nearest wall.

“Hello?” Holly suddenly shouts into the middle of the room. Everyone now stands.

“Yes?” They jump at the sudden voice of what sounds like a little girl.

“Are you there? Who is that? Come out!” Holly’s voice quietened slightly.

“Hello.” The girls voice echoes through the room again. The five people all spin to see her in the middle of the room.

She's wearing a small yellow dress and holding a red balloon.

“How did you do that?” Holly asks her, not approaching her.

“I shall be your guide to the afterlife. To answer your questions: yes, you are dead, yes, you can get out of here, eventually.” She cocks her head and smiles at them.

She hadn’t answered even a quarter of their questions.

“Fuck. Ok. How do we get out? What happens after we get out?” Jasper finds his voice again and marches up to the little girl. “And who are you?”

“I’m your guide. I told you. If it helps, my name’s Rosa.” She sighs at his ignorance. “You must choose one memory of your life to live and relive over and over for eternity.” Her smile gets oddly wider.

“What? One memory?” Lottie almost whispers to Holly.

“Did I fucking stutter?” Rosa says rudely.

“hey. How old are you anyway?” Trey puts his hand to her chest. He is easily two heads taller than her.

“For a matter of fact, I am 283 years old. I was thirteen when I came here though.” She looks down, obviously melancholy about something.

“Whoa.” Trey backs away quickly.

“So I think I should be allowed to swear, ok?” Her face suddenly goes red.

Trey nods, still looking freaked out.

“How are we supposed to choose if we have no happy memories?” Draylen says, taking a step away from the corner.

“Just choose one. I’m not here to pick them for you. You can go first.” Rosa says to him.

Draylen closes his eyes and thinks about his life, which he can suddenly remember clear as ice.

The End

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