The Memory SituationMature

“What am I doing here? What is this place?” Jasper hears the female’s voice through the black. His head is aching and he can’t move.

“Who is that?” Another woman’s voice says worriedly. Jasper is thinking the same.

“Who’s that?” A new male voice answers.

Jasper can only see black. He cannot tell whether his eyes are open or shut. He tries to blink which seems to bring colour and light to his sight.

The dim lights blind him at first, but he soon can open his eyes full to look around.

He is lying on a wooden floor in a large room. He can see the two women and two men also on the floor near him. They have their eyes tightly shut as they mutter words to themselves about where they are and who the others are.

Jasper sits up and puts his hand gently onto a woman’s shoulder.

“Who is that?” She squeals but makes no move.

“Sorry. Open your eyes. Blink fast.” Jasper commands her quietly. The others hear and they follow.

One of the men bolt up quickly as they blink.

“What?” He stammers.

Jasper stands up, ignoring the others and looks again at the room.

No door.

Jasper puts his hands behind his head in frustration but pain suddenly courses up his right arm.

“Ah.” He gasps.

“What?” Jasper turns to find the others are now standing.

A blonde woman is crying silently, tears streaming down her flushed cheeks. The other woman sees her and hugs her.

Jasper shakes his head, then he notices something.  All the other people in the room have some sort of injury.

On a few, it’s not so obvious, but when Jasper knew that he was looking for an injury, he found them on everyone.

“Ok. Well, I have been trained in situations like this. And... I have no idea what to do.” A young-looking man says. He looks well built and muscular around the torso, clearly shown by his torn, blood-stained t-shirt.

“Maybe we should introduce ourselves?” The crying blonde woman says shakily. “I’m Charlotte. You can call me Lottie.” She continues quietly.

“Trey.” The muscular man says proudly. “You can call me Trey.” He chuckles, walking up to Lottie as she backs away from him.

Jasper can see Lottie has a large gash running across her hair line, the blood looks like it had been wiped away. She is wearing a blue dress, like they wear in hospitals.

“I’m Draylen. Not that anyone asked.” His voice comes from the corner of the large room.

We had awakened near the corner and Draylen’s now standing, facing the wall, in the corner of the room. The white walls seem to swallow him.

“Hi. I’m Holly.” Holly smiles and puts her hands on her hips in a very businesslike way. She is wearing a fancy blouse and suit. Her skirt nicely hugging her arse.

Jasper looks her up and down for a minute; he soon notices that Trey is doing it too.

Trey and Jasper meet eyes for a moment and they both divert their gazes in different directions.

“How about you?” Holly asks Jasper, still smiling.

“Jasper.” He says.


The End

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