Caitlyn - German ClassMature

Caitlyn approached her second to last class of the day, already tired from all the faces. She was walking down the corridor when a group of boys intercepted her past. She ignored them and walked around. She had little interest in talking to anyone unless forced by this point.

“Too good for us or something?” she heard one of them mutter. She hesitated to glance over her shoulder just as the speaker huffed and walked away with his friends. She'd seen that look before. She should've known that no matter where she went, she'd always end up on the wrong side of the bullies.

She forced a gulp and walked to the language block. She had to admit she felt relieved to be doing German. At least she already knew some of it. Well, more odd words she remembered from her time living there. There was already a few people seated. She took a far right seat on its own in the middle of the room. She glanced around, getting a good idea of the people in this class. Some of them she'd seen before, others she hadn't. The school was pretty small, only around one-hundred-and-fifty students in their year. It had felt like more in the assembly hall though.

The teacher walked in and announced a seating plan. Caitlyn was getting used to these. She leaned against the wall while the teacher called out names. She expected it to be in alphabetical order, but apparently the teacher was noting the friendships already formed, and separating obvious jokers. Poor Jack and Joe.

“Caitlyn Bethen, you can sit there,” the teacher began, pointing to the seat she'd just vacated. She sat and waited while the teacher mused over the register. Caitlyn hardly knew anyone, she hadn't made any real friends yet.

“Amy Newman, you can sit with her.” Caitlyn glanced at the girl as she approached. She had a mane of wild red hair and an awkward, but friendly smile. She sat down and glanced around. She smiled at someone else in the room. She must've lived here a long time. Long enough to know some of the others from primary school. Caitlyn admitted there was a spike of envy, but she pushed it aside.

“I'm Caitlyn,” she said with a weak wave.

“Amy,” she replied. “Can I call you Cat?” she asked. She blinked at the sudden question.

“Ermm, sure,” she said.

“Cool!” Amy said, grinning. Caitlyn had expected her first friend to be more difficult to find. The teacher called out the two people to sit behind them. Amy waved at the guy now sitting behind Caitlyn. He had the metalhead look, with messy hair and a cheeky grin.

“Hello,” he said in a gruff voice to Amy. His attention moved to Caitlyn and she felt self-conscious.

“I'm Rick,” he said. Caitlyn murmured her name back. She felt a little intimidated by him she admitted. It wore off quickly though. By the time the bell went for her last class Caitlyn felt more optimistic. Somehow, she'd made two friends.

The End

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