Kayne - OptimismMature

The first day ended pretty well. I made a new friend - well, I think I did. Not actually sure on that one - I met all my teachers and didn't hate them, and lastly I figured out what classes I had. Successful day! For me, at least.

I got home by bus and thought about what I could do when I got home. As usual, the girls on the bus tried to talk with me and mess with my long hair, but I shrugged them off and read my newest book that I had checked out before leaving school. So far it was good, but I was only fifty pages in so I still had time to decide on how I felt.

"Dylon, why are you ignoring us?"

I sighed. "I'm not ignoring you guys, Hannah, I am just reading."

"Seems to me like he's ignoring us, Hannah," Mani said from the seat to the right of me, "Maybe we should make him pay attention."

I truly do not understand women. I don't think I ever will. They always flirt with me when I don't even try to flirt back. I had only one girlfriend in the past and I didn't even ask her out. Well, then there was Stephanie... I shook my head and tried focusing on my book. Luckily, Hannah and Mani seemed to back off and talk among themselves, so I got in another twenty pages before it was my turn to get off. 

As usual, I had to climb up the large hill my house was on and then the long stairs leading up to my house. I am not out of shape, but I am certainly not in shape. Luckily, Kory was out with his friends and Kameron was getting picked up by Dad. That gave me just a bit of free time to relax. 

So, I did what any teenager would do: I ate Ramen and played video games. 

Tomorrow would be good. With Cassi in one of my classes and Seth and Eric in another, it should be a fun day. Maybe I could find Stephanie and talk to her some too. I checked my phone but saw no texts from her. Maybe she was busy. She wasn't single, so it wasn't surprising. 

Then, because I was slightly depressed, I focused on my games. Might as well assassinate some templars while I wait for Kam to get home. Kory was better off never coming home. And Dad was never around enough to make a difference. Hehe, my life seemed to be one of a emo kid's. 

BUT! I am optimistic. I quickly reassured myself and smiled widely. Yeah, this year was going to be good. I was going to get good grades, a few girls, and read all the books I wanted. Maybe I would get some more games and even a new phone. Yeah, for sure!

The End

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