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   Move, back and forth. I'm a current of water, a force of strength. Duh, duh. Swish, swish, I move and shake my hips, roll my body, ignoring the beat, moving to my own beat.

   "Yeah, mommí! Shake it!" A man praises, laughing, elbowing his buddies. I turn and smile, but say nothing. What is there to say? My whole body starts to vibrate, vibrate, vibrate. I shake my hips faster, faster, and laugh. Laugh and shake. Laugh and shake. The song ends.

   I look at my mom, searching for approval, tired from shaking my hips and legs. There, I see her face and she's laughing with the rest of the men. I smile, happy to make my mommy happy. So, I laugh and laugh with the rest of the men who think it's funny when a little girl shakes her butt in front of grown men.

   "Damn! Kimmy, your daughter is a good niña!" A man says with a tattooed tear in the corner of his eye and a smile on his grown man lips. 

   "Yeash, sheh perrty, tuh!" One man slurs his words.

   "Get her to do another!" comes a demanding voice. My mother says no and explains it was time for me to go to bed. I didn't want to go to bed. I want to stay up and show these guys how awesome I could be!

    No, it's time to get tucked in with my brother, Dalton. I nod my head, sleepily wondering what kind of dream I would have, a nightmare or good dream? Then a thought pops into my head. I can't wait for my next birthday! I'll be turning six years old!

   I sigh a contented, five year old, little girl sigh, while my mommy tucks me in, kisses me goodnight and shuts the door. Then I turn to my baby brother and snuggle to his warm two year old body. What more could a little girl ask for besides this? I think, happily drifting to sleep, sure my life is the best it can get.

The End

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