Dylon - A Change of NameMature

It was time!

"You ready, dweeb?" Kory asked in his ever so loving tone as he ran past me and down the stairs with his bookbag in tow. He never really cared about school, but his new girlfriend made him excited. I wondered what poor girl had the bad luck to wind up with my older brother.

I made my way down the stairs, cursed myself for letting Kory grab the last chocolate chip muffin, then headed outside to where my dad waited in the truck with my younger brother. Today was the first day of school, so we were naturally dreading every little moment. Well, except Kameron. My little brother was happy to get away from the family.

As usual, classical rock streamed through the radio. Bob Seger, Eagles, and Queen were the three I recognized, but Kory had his mp3 on blast mode, so there wasn't much else I could hear from the backseat of the truck. 

"Alright," my dad said as me and Kory got out of the truck, "Don't be kissing on no girls." With that, the truck headed off to the elementary school across the road. I immediately headed toward my first class. No words between me and my older brother were the best of any words.


I turned in the hallway and spotted Jacob, a good friend from my previous year. Still short and sporting that bowl cut, he looked small even compared to me... 

"What homeroom you got, bro?"

He sighed. "I have no clue. I'm trying to find Seth. He says we are in the same homeroom."

I nodded. "Good luck man, I am off to Mr...." I looked at my sheet once more. "Epps."

We parted ways and I made my way to the new classroom. To  my surprise, I found black lab tables and stools instead of desks. A lab of some sort. Seeing as I knew no one in the classroom, I took a stool that stood alone. It wasn't that I was antisocial, just that they might have friends coming and would want to sit with them. It was only being nice. 

As everyone settled in, our teacher came in. He was an older guy with a balding head and gray hair. Despite looking like a lively fellow, I realized he was one of those boring monotone guys the minute he spoke. "Hello class," he said in a voice that nearly made me fall over and sleep, "We will begin by calling roll."

I panicked a little. I hated talking in front of strangers. "Dylan. " I nearly jumped when he said my name, but was saved when another kid called out. So, another guy in this class with my name... Well, what could I do? 

"Dylon Crone?" I jumped. What to do, what to do. I didn't want to be one of those kids who shared a name with others. I wanted to be unique! One of a kind! I would never get more friends without sticking out a little. 

"I'm called Kayne," I said, using my middle name. It was the first thing that came to mind. The teacher nodded and moved on. The class, I realized, was staring at me a little. With short hair and aeropostale clothing, any of the ones who knew me last year, would not know me this year. I no longer had long hair and baggy clothing. They seemed to think I was weird, from the sounds of things. Good. I smiled. I wanted them to think me odd. After all, why was normal so good?

And so, my name is now Kayne.

The End

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