Caitlyn - Beginning a New LifeMature

The day went quickly, as always Caitlyn found the actual class easy enough. She finished the work before others and slumped back in her chair. These people had known each other from different primary schools. It was safe to say she was still an outsider. she went to her last class and saw that Jack and Joe were surrounded by other guys with no seats near them. she figured those two would get popular soon. She found a two seater to the side of the room and pulled out a book. At least she could get away. She ignored the growing chaos in the room as adolescents joked and laughed loudly. Eventually they're teacher walked in and things sort of settled down. Whispered conversations still went on behind. The teacher wrote their name and the subject on the broad. Caitlyn bit back a laugh. They called it religious studies, but no matter where she had gone it was the same thing. They touched on the basic of other religions but mostly it was Christianity talk.

“First question, who believes in a god?” the teacher asked. No one raised there hand. In this day and age not many people did. Caitlyn was mostly agnostic at this point in life. Still wavering between the possibility of a higher power and being alone. The lesson dragged on and she headed home. She unlocked the door and was greeted with silence. She dumped her bag on the floor and walked into the living room. Dad was away with the army. Wouldn't be back for a few more months. And mum was still at work. Her brother, Pete, was stuck in another school further away. It was the only one they could find with space at this point for him. It sucked big time, moving part-way through his GCSE's. She looked around, taking in everything that had been unpacked. She went upstairs and dressed out of school clothes. She left the house, locking the door behind her and headed to the park. All the other army brats, ranging from age seven upwards were running around. Caitlyn was one of the oldest but had quickly established herself as still pretty childish. She rallied everyone together and they started playing a game of tag. It got later and some of the kids headed home. Caitlyn should probably head home too. Instead she sat on the swing, studying the grass and dirt intently. Her parents went on about her new life finally starting properly. But they both knew her new life had began before school had started. On her very first day at the new barracks, when she'd met him.

Author Note: My character's memories are based in England. So at this point she's 12, that's the age we are when we start secondary school.

The End

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