Alexa~ The Grassy Field.Mature

Real Memory -

   Green, mowed grass, bare feet running through it all. Little flowers here and there, but all the beauty a three year old could have. I look up with my wide, brown eyes and see white, white surrounded by blue. Looking towards the sun, I see it's setting, such a pretty sunset. Walk, walk, walk, and skip, skip, skip, all the way to my little swing set.

   Wait, I stop and look around the biggest field in the world! This is mine! I twirl around, with my arms outstretched, enjoying the freedom God has given me. Closing my eyes, I relax and let my body do what it wants. I run to my swing set, climbing onto the big slide and go down, down, down.

   I laugh, this is so fun! I go down again and again. Finally, I notice it's nighttime and I start swinging on my swing. Ow, Ow, Wha▬, a mosquito! I start itching every where and I can't stop. My hands fly over my whole body, faster than a cheetah! I call my mom and run towards the house.

    "What happened to you?" My mother says, shocked.

    "I itch, mommy!" Still scratching, I say.

    Mom turns towards someone I can't see, while grabbing my arm and says, "Do you see this? See all these red welts? Do you know what happened to her?"

    Some muffled voices continue to discuss all of the red welts on my body, meanwhile I keep on scratching. We're in a kitchen with a yellow light covering everything like a blanket. I can't stand it anymore!

   "Mommy! A mosquito bite me!" I yell frantically. She looks at me and realization spreads across her face. She picks me up and brings me into the bathroom and sets me down on the toilet. She takes something out of the cabinet and rubs cold stuff on my itchy parts. Ahhhhhhhh, such relief, so cooling, all my itchy bites go away, away to no where.

The End

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