The Memoirs of The MafiaMature

Keith Willis is a homosexual man, who finds himself in the New York's deadly Mafia.
Can he keep his sexuality a secret around the Family?
Will he let it slip?
How will they react if they find out?

My Mother was born in Sicily, Italy. My Father, Manhattan, New York. Both of them had Italian blood.
I was born 2 years after my brother Bruce in 1962.
My Mother was a teacher, My Father was a dentist and my brother was an actor.

I am Keith, Keith Willis.

This story begins when I was 19, just got out of college, studying engineering. I had been dating this guy, yeah, a guy. He was called Ricardo. He was gay. Anyone could tell he was gay by his turtleneck sweater.

I was walking home from Ricardo's one day when I saw these three guys beating up this one guy in an alleyway. They were calling him a fag. I hated that word. So I grabbed a lead pipe which just happened to be lying on the street in front of me and went and whacked all three of the guys.

"Hey, thanks, kid." said the guy I just rescued as he removed guns from the three dead guys carcasses.
"They had guns?" I asked in surprise.
"Yeah, these guys are from the Milano Family." replied the man.
"Milano? Really? Shit...I'm done for!" I said.
"Don't worry about it, kid, what's your name?"  he asked.
"Keith. Keith Willis." I told him.
"You got Italian blood, kid?" he asked.
"Yeah, why?" I asked.
"You'll see, let's take a walk." he said.
"But...who are you?" I asked him.
"Peter Petroni." he told me.

I walked with Peter for a while and arrive at this tall building. He told me to wait outside, I obeyed him. I waited for about five minutes until the intercom told me I could enter the building.
I was greeted by a flight of stairs, which I ascended.
At the top I rejoined Peter, who told me to follow him again, this time into a room.

The room was full of guys in suits. All drinking and talking, having a laugh.

"This is Keith Willis, the guy that saved me from the Milano men. I owe him my life." Peter told one guy.

The guy looked at me, he was pretty old, but well dressed with a red rose in his left breast pocket.

" killed three Milano men and saved the life of one of my men. I must say my Family is in your debt. Maybe there is something you need help with?" the guy said.
"A little protection, maybe, sir? I'm pretty sure the Milano Family will be wanting me dead real soon." I told him.

He stood there, thinking for a little. He turned and whispered something to the man at his right-hand side, who, in turn, whispered back. He turned back round to me.

"Yes. Protection. You have my word that you will be protected...but maybe I can offer you a little more..." he said, "come with me to my office."

I followed the old guy, and I was being followed by his right-hand man. We all entered a room. The old guy sat down on a big leather chair behind a desk.

"Please, take a seat Mr. Willis. We will talk about my proposal."

The End

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