At "Grandma's" HouseMature

                Now I want to make it very clear that the reason I was following the girl was due to my heroic instinct and sense of adventure. Just to clear the air, in case any slanderous terrorist out there would try to make slanderous and perverted accusations against my character. I assure you had no thoughts about the girl herself, but rather why she was here and where she was going and what she was hiding. I mean, sure, perhaps a strange thought of a meal or eating would cross my mind when I eyed her, but that is simply because I am a natural born predator, and it is quite a common occurrence to wolves and nothing to be ashamed about.

                Anyway, getting back to my tale, I was stalking through the forest, sticking to darkness and making nary a sound. The girl in red continued making her way down the path, occasionally singing snatches of popular pop music songs, or whistling tunes. It was a very picture of innocence, a young girl on a small hike through woods on a perfect summer’s day. Yet, it was too innocent, and I began to have feelings of regret and doubt, wondering what exactly was going on. Of course, I did not quit my course. On the contrary, my heroic nature came shining through, and I drew upon a great well of inner willpower to push on into the unknown danger that was lurking ahead. Sure, some people may attempt to state that I was simply lost and had nothing else to do than follow the girl, but they just don’t understand a hero’s nature.

                As far as I could tell the girl was unaware of my tailing her. I was careful to stay out of sight and in the shadows, placing my steps carefully to avoid noise and staying behind her. I was also downwind from her, which I took as a sign of good luck. My younger, yet considerably less heroic self, was unable to sense the dark danger looming ahead. Make no mistake, I do not regret what I did, much.

                Soon we came upon a small overgrown clearing, in the center of which was a small cottage. It definitely showed signs of age, and a decrepit look was beginning to overtake it, but it was definitely livable. Some of the walls had cracked, and one window was blocked out, and the roofed sagged to one side, but it was still structurally sound. I stopped to wonder what sort of family would allow an elderly woman to live alone in such a situation, for it seemed almost inhumane. While I was deep in this philosophical thought, little red disappeared into the house. Seeing this as my chance, I stalked my way through the clearing, up to the wall, hiding under one of the windows.

                I started to extend myself ever so slowly, and took a peek through the window. I couldn’t make anything out. It was completely dark inside, which was strange. Didn’t grandma live there? And didn’t little red just enter the place? Then I noticed there were not woodpiles near the house, and no smoke from the chimney. Something was off, it was as if no one lived in the cottage. Now, a lesser wolf may have been frightened off, their mind flooded by cowardice at the thought of strange spirits and ghosts. However, I, as a hero, couldn’t leave this stone unturned.

                I made my way over to the door, and gave it a slight push, to see if it was locked and/or latched. The door swung in, slowly, yet not making a sound, as luck would have it. Now, I’d like to take a moment to make clear that I was no proceeding with caution due to the feeling of ‘fear’, nor am I a coward. Ask any veteran hero, and they will without a doubt tell you that it is better to use stealth and err on the side of caution. Any who say otherwise are simply glory-seeking hounds.

                Inside the house was actually well furnished and clean, as if it was a normal home. I walked in, not realizing that by doing so I would spring the trap that would lead to my unfortunate rumor situation. After walking in a slowly closed the door, not wanting anything to look out of the ordinary. However, I gave the door a slightly too hard push, and heard a near inaudible *click* as the latch caught. Of course, at the time, I thought nothing of it. After all, the door was shut right? I had no reason to think a lock had engaged as well.

                I still tried the door, just to be sure. After all, I have my sixth sense, (also known as “Hero Sense”). I found it locked but did not panic. I then tried the windows, and found them locked as well. I then attempted to destroy the windows, smashing them out, but found the glass quite resilient. Now, I was not doing this because I was afraid of being trapped, nor was I trying to run away. The opposite holds true, actually. I wanted to be sure that my enemies would not be able to escape my wrath, should our encounter lead to conflict. That was why, contrary to popular misguided belief, I spent 30 minutes testing out the door and windows.

                I began to explore the house, which didn’t have any sign of red within it. Nor any sign of an elderly woman. Once again, an uneasy feeling of dread and doubt began to assail me, but my heroic nature was able to fight it off. I walked from the main room, which seemed to be a combination kitchen and dining room, (which had a fireplace and large table with chairs) into a back room. The new room appeared to be a bedroom, its center dominated by a four post bed. There was a small nightstand on one side, and the wall opposite of that had closet, with the door shut.

                Naturally I began looking around for clues, and stopped in front of the closet. I opened the door and was quite surprised with what I found. For, where there should have been a back wall, was an open doorway. I could see that it was initially a well hidden thing, but being a hero can allow me to find just about any clue. I have a cousin named Blue who taught me a bunch of tricks with clues, so I am fairly confident in that regard.

                I thought I heard a noise behind me, and turned at once, not wishing to be overtaken by surprise, should an adversary appear. There was nothing behind me. Chuckling at my nerves I slowly turned back to the closet. And there she was, little red, standing with a too bright smile and eyes that were full of murderous intent. A lesser being’s heart would have dropped at that moment.

                “Why hello mister wolf, whatever happened to you very important date?” she said, her voice saturated with what could best be described as a mixture of delight and hatred.

                “Uh, well, you see, I got lost and just managed to find this place, funny how that works, right?” I stammered back, attempting to defuse the situation.

                “Is that so…” she stated, while driving a fist into my gut. This underhanded and dirty punch at once drew the air from my body, leaving me deflated and nearly defeated. No doubt if it wasn’t for my heroic nature I would have been killed. I dropped to my knees, while holding on to my gut and trying to catch my breath. Unfortunately little miss red was not done yet.

                “My, what big eyes you have!” she exclaimed, with an evil glee in her voice, as she jabbed to fingers that ended with sharp nails into my eyes, at which point a blinding pain overtook me. It felt as though the fire of a thousand suns had ignited onto my very eyes, a pain I would wish onto no one, not even my enemies (except for red, she should at least fell what she did to others, but that is justice, not revenge).  At that point I fell forward, covering my eyes, on my knees and bent over.

                “My, what big ears you have!” she said, ecstatic, as she grabbed onto my ears and yanked my head back up, which is a very rude and painful thing to do to someone. Now, I was panting my head off, trying to catch my breath, and my eyes were irritated and raining tears upon the floor.

                “My, what big teeth you have!” she shouted, her joy reaching a max, and landing a hard blow upon my mouth, at which point I began to fall back. And, as I was falling, luck was on my side for I began to lose consciousness. Yet, before I departed consciousness, I was able to look past red, at the hidden doorway. There I saw a large, muscular man with a long blonde mane and blue, cold eyes. He was holding red’s basket, and through a crack in it I thought I saw the symbol for radioactive materials.

                I had just enough time to wonder just what I had gotten into as I hit the floor and passed out.

The End

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