The Drifter

The Drifter is perhaps the most curious of all people. Curious in both meanings of the word. She is a socialite of unspoken talents and questionable faiths. Quite honestly, I'm afraid of her--at least to some extent. Of all those that surround me, The Drifter is the most likely to be as all-seeing as The Meister. But all for good reason. I digress, I may give her more credit than she deserves. One cannot help but to give a cushion to your dearest of friends.

The Drifter is an enigma of sorts. There's some kind of mystery to be solved, twinkling at you from behind those steady eyes. The shame is that she'll never be with you long enough for you to even begin piecing it together.

I begin my story with The Drifter simply because she is the most difficult to grasp. She is driven by sheer curiosity, and is welcomed due to the curiosity of others. Perhaps The Drifter is powered by a search for someone. But isn't everyone. Tonight she eats dinner with me and doesn't even question the fact that I stare at her and scribble things into my notepad. There is a murmur about the days, and a hinting of intellect. Something witty slips out of her mouth, but she sees to it that it dissipates before anyone else can catch it. A smile. If I hadn't known The Drifter so long, I would call her just another Seducer. Those ones learn awfully quick. But as it goes, she will continually refresh herself. And with each turning of her fancy, a new goal will be set. I'll be just another face tomorrow morning, one that she recognizes, yes, but not one that she needs.

One day I may understand her, but until then, I will aim for those I can truly get my mind around.

The End

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