The Meister: An Inadvertent Biography of Everyone

A work of semi-fiction that follows codename:Meister in his attempt to chronicle and deconstruct the lives of those around him.

Before I begin, I must warn you. Not everything that I write will be classy, and neither will it be in any way, shape, or form sugar-coated or polite. I call it as I see it--and to anyone who disagrees, I shall not argue. To each his own.

In order to understand the musings of the Meister, one must simply understand a small number of concepts. Firstly; it is true that all you will read is based on reality. Secondly; not everything you read here will be constructed in exactly the same way. There are many reasons for this; the front runners being to keep some sort of moral integrity, privacy, and/or humility. And thirdly; all observed individuals have been given a title, one of what I believe to be a generally accurate description. Do not be misled, however, for not every title is exclusive.

I am the Meister. I offer you some sort of greeting, dependent on where you are, and perhaps the time of day. Congratulations, Reader, for making it thus far. I quite dearly hope that you and I can get along. If not, perhaps you are yet another victim to these words.

The End

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