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**Note: Now that Protag have done that new thing, I can no longer change the chapter names, =(, so I will write it below. Thanks!**


Woah, what is up with him? Well, it’s something. Jake ‘aint normally like this. I ran to the kitchen and quickly grabbed some pain killers, a wet towel, and a glass of water. I carefully took them back to the living room.
“Jake, are you awake?” Something unintelligable tumbled from his mouth. “Hmm?” I asked.
“Shut up saying my name!” He said louder, spotting the water in my hands. “Give me the water,” He groaned.
“Well these were actually for the pain killers but-“
“Just hand me the god damn water, Tay.”
I sighed, and gave him the glass. His face filled a little with colour as he swallowed it. “Thanks,” He muttered, laying the glass on the floor next to him.
“So, what pain do you feel?” Wow. I sound like a doctor in one of them cheesy movies.
“Burning. Everywhere.”
“What? Jay, that don’t make sense. You only fell on your face on carpet.”
“Roxy,” He whispered.
“Yeah... What about her?” Hmm. Maybe he was dropped on the head as a child?
“Numb. Blackness. Light.. Mirage..BURN..” He murmured, but that just increased my suspicions. Thrown out of the bath, landed on the head? Mmm.. Maybe.
“Where’s my heart gone? Where is it.. I CAN’T FEEL MY HEART!!” He cried in agony. Maybe I should phone childline...
“Scar, do me a favour and wipe that blood off his face? I dunno how he’s managed to hurt himself so bad.” She obeyed and took the wet towel from my hands. I chucked the tablets on the carpet and gazed at Jake and the state he was in. This just wasn’t normal..
“Maybe we should take him to the hospital.” Scarlett mumbled.
“No..” Me, Selena and Jake groaned at the same time. Scarlett’s forehead creased.
“Why not?”
“Because I think I’ve spent long enough in that hospital to last a friggin’ lifetime.. And, it stinks in there.” I moaned, Selena nodding in agreement.
“Mmmhmm.” She said. Scarlett sighed and just shrugged.
“Roxy..” Jake lifted his hand towards the window. He blinked several times then lifted himself to his feet. He ran towards the window, but slammed – face first – into it.
“What the hell?” Selena cried.
“Uh.. Jake?” My mouth pressed into a line, trying to surpress laughter. Okay, my friend just got hurt, but it was hilarious. Scarlett’s eyes widened in confusion.
“Jake, what are ya doing?” She whispered.
“She’s there, she’s there, see!” He shouted in a daze, pointing out the window. Nothing was there, just a dark, poorly lit driveway.
“Who’s there?” I questioned, curious.
“Roxy! She’s staring right at me!” He moaned, displeased by the whole our-not-seeing-something-that-isn’t-there charade. Okay, I think it was time to phone childline.
“No..She’s not.” Selena whispered.

The End

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