I hopped out the door and into the bright light, with Rose beside me. It was dreadful to think that I wanted to murder her, not even two weeks ago. It felt good to not be in a stupid, childish, immature rivalry. I gave her a grin as thoughts passed through my head and she copied.

We were at her house in no time. She gave me a seat and asked me if I wanted anything. I would have something when I get home, I replied to her. She nodded and quickly ran upstairs. I sat on her brunneous sofa, humming quietly to myself. I hummed in a random pattern that repeated itself. It reminded me of something familiar, but I didn't know what. I tried to concentrate on the somehow common rythm of the music flowing through a small gap in my crimson lips. Before even one thought brushed through my mind, she was downstairs.

I looked at her in astonishment, staring her up and down, losing count of how many times I had done it. Her face, which had been bright orange at my house had transformed beautiful and pale. Her eye makeup was not as heavy - before; she had hot pink eyeshadow brushed right up to her brow bone, with fake lashes, diamantes covering every end. Now, though, she had black/slate grey shadow brushed lightly across just her eyelids, and a thin layer of mascara was combed onto her naturally long lashes. I could establish the fact that she had an adequate amount of scarlett lipstick smoothed over her thin lips.

Her clothes were very fashionable; and looked so much better than the clothes she had on ten minutes ago. She wore a purple and black striped top, with a tiny black skull printed in her left hand bottom corner of the long sleeved tee, overlapping her black skinny jeans. She wore white, black and purple converse.

"Wow. Rose-"

"I'm going to buy some black hair dye later. I'm so glad I'm back."

"Me too!!"

We ran to eachother to hug, bursting back out through the front door. We walked slowly back to my house, talking about pointless things that didn't need to be talked about. We entered through the dark walnut front door, and everybodies faces were shocked.

"ROSE!!!!!!!" Selena jumped up and pulled her into a tight hug, kissing her lightly on the cheek. Roxy made the same move, and Taylor and Jake rose from their current position.

"Welcome back." Taylor hugged Rose.

"Yeah, dudette. Welcome." Jake pulled a cheesy grin, and chuckled faintly under his breath. He lifted her, squeezing her tight, then put her back down, still not releasing from the hug. I ran into them, hugging, and then within ten seconds we were all in a giant group hug. I smiled to myself. It felt so good to all be back together. A tear spilled over my eyelid in happiness, but I quickly flicked it off, discarding all evidence to everybody that I had been crying.

The End

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