I ran downstairs, finding all of my old friends in the living room together. Jake and Roxy sat on the sofa together, while Scarlett and Taylor laid side by side, their both deep, dark eyes melting together. Selena was sat in front of the coffee table, her eyes staring blankly without expression onto the merely filled, beige walls.

Er, hi.




Um, hey guys.


As pathetic as it sounded, I couldn't think of a way to announce my arrival. So, I just waltzed over the pearl carpet and gently placed myself in the single armchair that I was situated in half an hour before. Was it natural to feel left out? To regret shouting words of abuse at innocent teenagers just the same as me, that hadn't done a thing wrong? I sighed to myself from being so idiotic.

"Uhm.." I sat up, breaking the silence and stroking a blonde section of hair behind my ears, causing everybody to be broken from their engrossment of, what to me, seemed like nothing. In their minds it was obviously different. Five pairs of dark eyes stared at me, waiting for words to fall out of my mouth.

"Listen - I'm really sorry about what I said to you lot. I hope you knew I didn't mean it. I really do like you, and I shouldn't have given you up for them three losers." A surprised look spread evenly across all of their faces. I didn't know why they were surprised, it could have been from me finally apologizing or from me calling the backstabbers I used to be friends with 'losers.' They were both good arguments, but there could be many other reasons that I didn't bother to think of. None of them seemed convinced, apart from Scarlett, who obviously was because I had bonded with her more, and apologized earlier. Her voice tore through my pessimistic thoughts.

"Guys. Come on. She's the same old Rose, she just did something regretfully absurd and she is trying to tell us that. I forgive her, and I want you lot too, as well. We have all done something stupid before, and we have forgiven each other for it. So why should Rose be any different?" I gave her a thankful smile and the others faces looked sympathetic. I really did want to be friends again, and could not believe I would be so low to scheme against my own friends. Well, they weren't my friends then, but theoretically they were the whole time. Selena put up her hands and smiled.

"I'm okay with it. After both of your..Moving speeches.." Her eyebrows raised as she said this. I love using sarcasm, it was kind of our thing.

"Me too." Roxy agreed.

"Fine." Jake and Taylor chorused in unison.

"Can you just quickly run back to my house with me so I can actually put some clothes on? Sorry. I don't feel secure being out on my own." I flushed pink as I said this.

"Sure." Scarlett grabbed her coat, and I shrugged on a bright pink, smooth felt cardigan. I missed my pale skin and black hair, and something told me that I wasn't going to have to be missing it for too long either..

The End

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