Where was Jake? Thoughts of worry ran at 100mph through my head, which felt like it was physically going to blow up. My heart pounded against my chest as a video of a hooded man with a knife ready to stab my boyfriend replayed through my head, like a stuck tape.

"Selena," I breathed heavily, "I'm going back to see if Jake is okay. Are you gonna keep running or come back with me?" I didn't want to leave her alone; after all. But I didn't wanna put her at risk; either. We stopped running and stood still as a gush of wind nearly pushed us over. I leaned onto a brick wall for support.

"I'm gonna keep running, to warn Scarlett and Taylor."

"Oh, sure. See you," I gulped, turning on the heels of my feet and running back. As I spotted my usually familiar red door, I hammered on it with my fist. "Mum?!" I screamed. "Mum, have you seen Jake?!" No reply. I kicked the door open as hard as I could, to stumble upon a scene where Jake and my mother were cornered with their hands up. The hooded figure pointed to the corner, beckoning me to my death; too. I followed the finger, and as he turned his head to face towards them, I ran up to him, grabbed the knife, and punched him in the arm, loads. Soon, Jake joined me, bringing him to the floor. At this point, Mum had dialed 999 and the police were on their way.


"Thank you for your brave efforts," A police man nodded as he came round and shook mine, Mum's , and Jake's hands.

"No problem. As long as we were all safe." Jake smiled. I squeezed his hand, Mum made herself a coffee and then I and my lovely boyfriend set off for Scarlett's house.

The End

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