Superstitious feeling


I didn't know whether it would be rude to just turn up at Scarlett's door. But when had Taylor ever been offended by my being rude? Never. I picked up the phone. I didn't want to go on my own - something didn't feel right about that. I dialed Selena and Roxy's number and started a 3 way conversation.

"Hello?" I said.



"Do you two want to come over to Scarlett's with me? I mean, to see how Taylor is?"


"Sure," Selena bubbled.

"Yeah, okay," Roxy said. I imagined her sweet smile on the other end of the line. I coughed, quickly awaking myself from my two second day dream.

"Meet me outside my house," I suggested.

"No, mine. It's closer to Scarlett's; it makes more sense. Otherwise me and Selena will be coming back on ourselves," Roxy replied. Even if it was just a two minute walk to Roxy's, I didn't want to be on my own. But I didn't want them to be, either. Fine. It was only a strange feeling. I could get over it.

"Oh yeah, didn't think of that. I'll be over in two," I said, hanging up. I clutched my phone tightly underneath my coat and walked out the door. Turning left, I felt my pace speeding up. The awkward feeling of somebodies eyes boring into my back stayed strong as I continued to walk. My head whipped back, I stared behind me. There was a hooded man, with a sharp looking object in his pocket. A red stain in the corner of it. A trail of red dots followed him. 1 word trailed through my head.


My hand was clutched round my phone so tightly I thought the pieces were gonna burst out of it. I quickly turned a sharp corner down a dark ally way. Then I thought to myself;

'Nice one. There's a murderer behind you so you decide to go through a dark ally way where nobody can hear or see you. DIV.'

Adrenaline rushed through my veins in a split second. My legs stretched apart from each other quickly, and I found myself sprinting into the brightness. The man was still behind me, running as well. As soon as I spotted Roxy and Selena, I shouted as loud as I could,


They looked as if they was going to burst out in laughter. But as soon as my stalker burst into daylight, their lips trembled and they zoomed down the street. They're pretty fast. I ran towards Roxy's house and slammed the door as I fell through it. Her mum stood there, looking appalled.



The End

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