I sat up slowly, feeling a lot better to the last time I had woken up at that dreadful hospital. The most dreadful part of it was that Rose was there.

And now, she was in my girlfriend's house. Laughing and smiling with her. Anger built up inside me like toddler's building blocks. I felt my teeth clenching together.

"Rose," I growled, jumping from the sofa.

"HEY!" Scarlett shouted. I looked at her. Bruises and cuts spread out across her. "She is really shook up right now," She continued, standing up in front of Rose. "And she has nobody else to go to. Her parents are out of town, she has no other relatives and all her friends are in Kent on a trip. Now just leave her be." I simmered down, and my face changed from angry to sympathetic. I actually felt really bad.

"I-I'm sorry, Rose." I said quietly. I picked up the popcorn bowl and laid back on the sofa, watching Disney Channel. I don't know why, it was just on, so I watched it.

"What happened?" It slipped out. I kind of looked at her. She didn't seem like she didn't want to say anything; not at all.

"Jack Branner tried to attack me." She breathed. My mouth dropped open.

"Hey that was the guy that attacked me, right?" She nodded. "He has problems," I sighed viciously. You did not know how much I wanted to punch him right now. If Rose and Scarlett wasn't there I would've raced out of this house as fast as you can click your fingers.

I forced out a smile but I was so angry it probably looked like a scowl. The two girls muttered something to each other, and then as Scarlett got up from her seat, Rose made her way upstairs to the bathroom. Scarlett sat beside me on the sofa, her head resting in my shoulder. I put my arm round the back of her and she did the same to me.

"I'm sorry about earlier," I whispered.

"Don't sweat it," She giggled, "I knew you was going to do that when you woke up. I was planning what to say." We both smiled. My heart filled with warmth.

The End

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