Police,Popcorn and Paracetamol.


I stroked Taylor's face as he slowly drifted off into some dream I did not know. His perfect body lay across my white fabric sofa. I kissed him on the forehead and slowly sunk into some Disney Channel movie. A knock on the door startled me.

"Coming," I said, not raising my voice. I didn't want to wake Taylor. I shoved a piece of popcorn in my mouth and answered the door. To my surprise; a police lady stood there with a very pale and shocked looking Rose. I was really concerned. What had happened?! Seeing it was raining outside, I stood back and welcomed them in.

"Police officer Ruby," A plump lady smiled. "Um, we have Rose White here. You know her, right?" She asked me. Rose looked at her, as if to say, Duh!! I nodded. "Oh. There has been an incident between her and Jack Branner. She needs somebody to see to her. She said you were the only person she could come to," The officer explained.

"Sure." I agreed. Why would Rose come to me? I knew that whole, 'Making Up' thing was just a fake act to plan something on us.

Well, I'm sure it was..

The officer half tipped her hat, said thank you and walked out into the wet and damp atmosphere surrounding my warm, cosy house.

I sat Rose down on a sofa and offered her some refreshments. She just asked for some water and said please.


She would have normally took advantage and took the mick saying something like;

"Er yeah actually I'll have £1,000000 and I might even do you a favor by taking your bad looks off of you, and maybe putting them in a Halloween mask. Give them some use, eh?" Wierd.

So, anyway, I smiled and got the water. When I walked in, I saw her clenching her ribs in pain. She removed her hand, and due to her shorter-than-it-should-be belly top I easily saw a big red mark with bruising and a little blood.

"Hey, do you want some ice for your side?"

"Um..Yes please." I hurried into the kitchen, wrapped a bag of ice in a towel and applied it to her side.

"So, what happened?" I asked, making sure not to put too much pressure on the ice.

"Thanks," She smiled apologetically; I didn't know why she was apologizing, but I must have been staring at her because she blushed and started explaining what had happened.

"Well, you know that guy who beat up Taylor? The, like, main one?" I nodded.

"Jack," I said.

"Yeah. Well I was friends with him," I noticed how she said 'I was,' and not, 'I am.' He's probably the main concern of the story. "He dragged me out of the hospital and locked me in his car, taking me to his house, without telling me." She looked in pain as she said this, and her voice was croaky. She picked up her water and took an average sized gulp. She hesitated to drink it again, and then took only a tiny sip. She explained the rest of the story, her voice drier towards the end. She drunk some more water at the end. What was wrong with her voice? I offered her a cough sweet, paracetamol or anything like that and she asked for a paracetamol; she obviously needed to subside all of the pain and not just her throat.

Taylor woke up as me and Rose were lost in some conversation about why she couldn't go to anybody else, and we both had apologized for the argument earlier on. I flushed red. His eyes showed a confused emotion, and he rubbed them; as if what he had just saw wasn't real. I bit my lip, and a hint of anger conflicted on his confused face.


The End

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