Plan gone wrong. I thought It would've been easy to win them over again.

I mean, everybody loves me. Right?

So, it must be time for plan B.

This one is simple. All I have to do is..

"Come on Rose," Jack stopped me through my thoughts. I leaned over to get my purse.

"Where are we going?" I asked.

"To my house," He smirked. My heart thumped. His house? Why? This was scaring me, the way his smirk grew more suspicious and evil with every second.

"Er, actually I have to be somewhere.." I made up an excuse.

"Well TOUGH!" He said, locking me in his car and climbing into the other side. Shouldn't have said that. Just made him angrier. The annoying buzz of a murmur of voices and how I felt claustrophobic in the hospital was a feeling I was beginning to miss. Jack  stamped down on the accelerate pedal so hard I thought it might have broken. No, it hadn't. I leaned back and muttered to myself.

'Stupid, retarded girl,' I whispered. Jack shot me a disturbing glance.I blushed, then hid my face in my head of blonde hair. I straightened my back and briefly asked,

"So. What are we doing when we get in?" I tried not to sound scared.

"You'll see. Now just SHUT UP!!!!" He screamed. 'Anger issues,' I thought to myself. As the car pulled to a halt, my heart nearly ripped out of my chest. He jogged to my side of the car and pulled my door open. Unplugging my seat belt, he grabbed my wrist tightly. I gulped. He shoved me through the front door, calling to see if anybody was in. I wished and hoped with all my heart that there was. 5 seconds passed. No reply.

"Good." He cackled. "Now SIT DOWN!!!!!!!" He thrust me to the floor. I backed up to the wall, my legs half crossed. He opened his mouth to talk.

"Can I use your bathroom please?? I really need to go." I hoped he would make an agreement.

"Fine," He muttered. "But," He added, " You have 20 seconds to get in and out." I bit my lip and nodded. I ran to the bathroom and pulled out my phone after shutting the door.

"Five!!" A deep voice boomed through the house. My fingers padded softly and nervously on the keypad. '9..9..9..' I dialed.


'QUICKLY YOU LOSER!!' I screamed to myself in my head.

"Police, ambulance, or fire service?" A voice asked.



I was so lucky I got a glance of the street name and number when we was in the car.

"258 Serpent Drive," I said.

"Fifteen!!" His scary voice threatened.

"We're on our way." I fumbled around and hung up. Flushing the chain to make it sound believable I had gone to the toilet, I ran out and into the living room. When he was at twenty, though, I was still only outside the toilet.

"WHAT TOOK YOU SO LONG?!" He shouted at me, punching me in the ribs. He kicked me to the floor. My body curled up in instant pain.

"I-I'm S-S-Sorry.." I stuttered in between my sobs.

"Stop that pathetic crying," He nagged. I held my tears in. It's harder than you think. Hatred and pain filled up my stomach and heart as I twisted in agony.He kicked me in the chest.

"Eurgh!" I grunted. Like the noise somebody makes when somebody smacks them on the back after they have been choking. I gasped for breath. All of a sudden, 2 policeman and a police woman burst through the front door. Jack panicked. He picked me up, muttering, "Oh honey, are you okay?" Then tried explaining to the police that I had tripped and fell. The 2 men held onto Jack, while the lady asked me what had happened. I hesitated over whether to tell her the truth, scared of what he might do to me if I told on him. I won myself over. Choking to speak, I finally spluttered out;

"He locked me in his car from the hospital where I was visiting a friend." Cough. The lady whipped out a notepad and jotting things down. "Then he brought me in here." Cough. "I asked if I could go to the toilet, and he said I only had 20 seconds." Cough. My throat really hurt. I was debating whether to take the officers notepad and write her what I needed to say. But I told myself no. That would be insulting an officer, wouldn't it? "I phoned you instead of using the toilet. I came out and he punched me in the ribs and I fell to the floor. Then he kicked me in the chest, and now my lungs and throat really hurt." She nodded and lifted me up from the floor. I winced. The 2 men muttered something I didn't hear into their speakers.

"I'm taking her home. You guys sort him out. Afterwards I will be back at the station handing in the notes. Tell me if you need me." She said, comforting me as she walked to the car.



The End

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