I was ready to hit them again.


Yeah, right.

Jake tensed up as my head turned toward Taylor. I could tell by his eyes that he wanted to come over here with us. Just as my fist was getting as tight as it could be, a nurse walked in. Jake's shoulders fell, my hands stretched out.

"Uhm," I said running to Taylor. One of the nurses eyebrows raised.

"You're discharged...." She said, confused and uncomfortable. She walked out. Taylor's parents had left ages ago. I stepped in front of Jake, and got in Rose's face.

"Be friends?" I growled in question. "Be friends!! Did you know how you made us feel? You used us to get noticed and then just left us for Lana, Becky and Julie!! We hate you. Now get lost and don't let us see you again. Go on. Get OUT." I nearly screamed. She raised her eyebrows.

"This is public property. You can't tell us what to do." She grinned.

"We can tell ourselves what to do though." I shot her an evil look. "Come on guys. She isn't worth it." I turned my back on her and my friends copied.


We were at my house now. Taylor was getting better. I fell back onto the sofa next to him and gently pushed my lips against his. He smiled at this, and I chuckled under my breath.

"I love you," I breathed.

"Well I love you too," He smiled. We giggled.

The End

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