I walked to the hospital cafeteria with Selena. I paid for 2 bottles of water and gave one to her, clasping mine between my supple hands. She mumbled a quick thanks. We started talking about how fast Taylor was recovering, he was nearly ready to go home now. But something stopped us. 3 hooded boys walked in. I recognized them. The boys that beat up Taylor. And linked arms with them was Rose. Rose was our friend once, she was one of us. But then she left us for the popular group, shouting at us and calling us retarded nobodies who needed to get a life. And now look at where she was. Her dyed bright blonde curls fell below her shoulders, and her luminous pink belly top stuck out like a sore thumb. Her super short mini skirt was, well, super short. Heaven forbid her leaning over. I stood up, ready to throw them all a punch. As I stormed over to her, Selena jumped up and held me back.

"You saw what they did to Taylor. Right?" She whispered angrily into my ear. Her teeth gritted together. She wanted to kick the hell out of them, too. I pulled and shook my way out of Selena's tight grip, and went and sat down at our table. I leaned down, squeezing my head, using all my will to restrain myself. As Rose and the boys took a table at the front of the cafe, near the door, Scarlett walked in. She immediately spotted them. Her eyes widened in anger, and she ran toward them. She recognized Rose, and I guess she knows who the boys are. She punched and kicked all four of them uncontrollably, bringing them all to the floor. Her eyes glinted in craziness. Her dark black hair was now swept across her pale face. Me and Selena ran over there and pulled her off of them. Anger was painted on the boys faces. I picked Scarlett up off the floor and we fled back to Taylor's ward. Between my teeth I heavily muttered to her,

"Thank you, I so nearly did that myself." She smiled her devil smile. I quickly glanced behind me before we whipped into the room. They weren't far behind us.

I sat down in the room.

"Crap. They're here," I said to the guys quietly. Jake's head snapped round. He rose from his chair and sternly marched over to them.

"You. You leave my friends alone." He growled.

"Oh, no." Rose smiled. I jumped from my seat and stood beside Jake. Roxy and Selena soon followed.  "I wanted to be friends again." She laughed without humor.

The End

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