Sharp shooting pain flared uncontrollably and painfully through my battered body. I couldn't blink; it hurt to even wince at the pain that was rapidly increasing from head to toe. I could barely remember what had happened. My lungs felt like they were deflating, I gasped to try and catch a last breath of oxygen. I felt like I was in blackness- but it was too strong for me. The darkness kept pushing me down, trying to steal my life, but I fought it, with all my strength - strength that I was running out of. I couldn't establish the difference between real life and imagining anymore..It was all slipping away. The blackness, it was getting even stronger, the unconsciousness slowly taking my body and mind over.....

"Taylor, oh Taylor, come on! Don't do this to me!" A familiar voice cried. I cleared my throat, or should I say scraped the back of my neck with a blade.

"Scarlett?" I choked. Silence.

"Taylor, are you awake?" The voice asked. I couldn't nod. I managed to blink, and hold my eyes open.

"He's awake! Nurse!" I heard a few voices repeat. "Nurse!" They shouted again. I had regained consciousness. An annoying beep coming from my right gradually got quicker. I felt a cold, metal circle being placed to my chest.

"Thank you, ever so much," I had established the voice was Scarlett's. And as my eyes opened again I could see people that I had missed terribly.. Scarlett, Selena, Jake, Roxy.. And my parents. I managed a weak smile.

The End

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