The Meaning Of Life

In which I speculate on the meaning of a single life versus the entirity of life.

Words, Love, and the benefit these have, eminating from you, on the rest of the world. Such is the meaning of life, or rather, a single life. Life as a collective rests on a yet undiscovered purpose. Each person is like a cell and when built together makes a city, an organ. Groups of cities, like organs make a system, groups of systems make larger systems until finally a body is made and the purpose of those millions and millions of tiny cells is revealed. A cell hasn't a brain, it has no clue where it is or why, but much like a person, an individual, it has a purpose. Purposes too have yet more purposes, like the synopsies of a mind they link and connect until something brilliant is made, a brain. Life is a brain, it can think as we can think but with the benefit of so many different connections, our cells connect, the connections connect, trillions of connections play habitant to each individual and with billions of us living here on our cozy little planet we form a tightly woven creation. The brain of all that is life, what some call god and others call conciousness and still more call fate. We are fate, all of us, like babies we haven't learned to govern our own actions and likely never will, flailing our arms, feeble and young. perhaps it isn't our youth that halts us, perhaps it is our uncomprehension of the systems of life, the meaning of life as a collective word, or perhaps it is simply that we haven't evolved yet quite enough to wrap our selves around such a vast concept, we haven't enough self to wrap.

Life in its entiritey is what has been troubling me lately, the point of the thing. We live, perhaps to make a bigger system as cells do, we the cells create a body, the body perhaps is one of billions also making a vaster system, but were does it end? What is the meaning of these intertwining, overlapping and evergrowing systems if not to make more systems? When more systems are made, what function do they carry out? these gargantuan gods we help to fuel, what's the point in them? Pointless as we might be pointless? There to aid still larger systems? With creatures this large, this eternal and mind blowing, are we even needed? What if at some point, a lunatic somewhere sets off an atom bomb and we all die? Will the system we support die too, and with it, the systems it supports? Will one man's actions effect even the most unfathomably godly beings? If so, who are we to kill each other, to kill ourselves, if in the process we raze  what could be the true meaning of life. Perhaps our system is on it's deathbed and no one can figure out what is wrong with it. We could very well be, in the words of The Matrix, "a cancer of creation."

The End

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