The Meaning of Life

Note: this is what i believe is the meaning of life
Note: i


Don’t you just hate it when you turn a light on, but it doesn’t light up the whole room? Well, I am feeling this in my head. There are about 1million lights that are shinning out of billions that are still waiting to be turned on. Some of these lights shine brighter than others, some are a little dull, some are meant to be turned on in the future, and some lights were not meant to be turned on at all. To turn on just one light is a struggle; but to get success requires just that. All those light bulbs in my head are powered by knowledge, because that is the secret to life.

Not long ago, I figured out the meaning of life. Yes you read that correctly; I figured out why humans where sent to earth, to learn. God sent humans to learn about the world, and to apply their knowledge to the present. Humans were given the ability to touch, taste, smell, see, and hear to collect knowledge, and a brain to store it in. God did not create a perfect world, because he knew there would be no point in living in it. Instead God made us all different so that we can all lead different lives, and turn on different lights.

When trying to learn, you usually do not turn the light bulb on right away. To succeed even the great ones need to mess up, but that is how one knows how to fix the problem. Once one light bulb turns on, you go straight to the next bulb. Many people turn on a light and pass it down, others keep it to themselves. A light goes a long way, and everyone can turn one on. Every life is worth something, and all of our lives are worth living. 

The End

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