The Me Behind The Mask

Unlike most people I can't just tell you the truth, it just not that easy for me. I have always lied from pertending and telling everyone an assain was after me in kindergarden to acting cheery as possable. Everyone thinks I couldn't lie to save my life, yet I can't count how many times I lie in a day the number is to high. The simplest on is a smile on my face and the words "I'm fine" on my lips. I wear a mask just like everyone else, but the diffrence is I don't let anyone see behind it. Every now and then you'll see a small bit of the emptiness that slowly eats at me each morning, a bit of the numbness thaat swallows me a bit more everyday. So I think I'm ready to let people to see the me behind the mask. I am extremly paranoide, that someone will get hurt or something worse. I want to slice my wrists half the time when I can't talk to her. I am constonly writing speeches that are never heard and trying to make more and more worlds for my characters that are just different sides of me. I name them and draw them down every few minutes that are me in different worlds and they stick out like a red thumb on a cheerleader's perfect polished hands. I die my hair trying to perfect my hair with the just right shade of red, I am deeply in love with the girl of my dreams and the best part is she loves me right back. At the moment she is the only person I let anyone see the real me, the girl behind this cheery mask I wear daily. This is only the bit of myself I let you see right now, a glimce of her. So let it sink in and maybe I'll get to see your to, but until then I bed you a do and wish you the best 

The End

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