Horizontal Door

Out of desperation, Seran opened the Horizontal Door. However, as the door swings open, we found ourselves a narrow hallway turned sideways. As the abomination recovers from our desperate attempt to escape, we had no choice but to continue with the road we chose. We both tried to squeeze through the narrow opening by crawling through. It was a very tight fit but we managed somehow. The danger wasn't over yet.

Due to the cramped space, we were unable to close the door behind us. Strings and wires came shooting at us. Seran pushed me through and I fell off the cliff of the hallway and landed on a sofa tilted horizontally. When I looked up, I saw Seran trapped with the wires stubbornly trying to pull him back.

I looked around and surprisingly found myself a ladder. I leaned it against a wall, or was it the floor?, and climbed up to help. "Seran, take my hand." I gave out my hand, but he wouldn't take it.

"He will not forgive me for what I did. I must leave you for now."

"Wait why don't you come with me? Do you know the way out?" I stretched up my hand and tried to grab hold of him, but he was getting pulled back.

"I'll be back someday, you count on it. Go and find Rina and tell her I sent you..." Seran's last words were muffled up as he disappeared back out of the door.

Oh, and just when I thought I had someone to travel with. I hope he's okay... "Ah!" The ladder tipped and I fell to the ground. "Man that hurts." I carefully took a look at my surroundings. I was in a white colored room and the furniture were all tilted sideways with their bottoms on the wall that connected the hallway. That meant that I was standing on a wall. There was a television and a table with some drinks and fruits. Amazingly nothing fell.

Growl... As I heard my stomach growl, I remembered that I haven't eaten anything since lunch that day and it was probably dinner time already. I reached out my hand and grabbed a piece of fruit. Mmm... delicious. The apple had a juicy taste and sweet aroma. In less than two seconds, I devoured the whole thing.

Just as I was about to grab another piece, I heard a voice. "Now you are unable to leave this place. You have become a part of this universe."

I looked around to see a lady standing on the opposite side of the room. She was wearing a blue Hawaiian summer dress. Her hair was so long it nearly touched the floor.

"Um... who might you be? Are you Rina?"

"Yes I am. I saw you and Seran, but I think I came too late." She walked came closer to me.

"What do you mean by that?"

"Well you would have had a chance of escaping, but you just ate an apple of this world. You were not supposed to eat anything."

"Then what am I supposed to do? Can we reverse time?" I panicked.

"No. Your only choice is to continue your journey." She gestured her hand to another set of doors. "I wish you luck."

I was shown to:

The Diamond Door
The Haystack
The Waterfall

The End

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