Ruby Door

When I entered the door, this place seemed to get more strange by the minute. It was as if every time I entered a different room, another peculiar feeling would pass through me as if the more deeper I went inside this weird maze of doors, I was getting lost and nothing in this world could save me. But I had to continue, I had to get out of this place fast before I lose it big time.

As I paced slowly inside the dark room, a sudden wind blew passed me causing chills to run down my spine. The wind was not ordinary. Everytime a new breeze would come, the wind got stronger and stronger. At some point I could not handle it anymore that it slighty lifted me and made me fall to the ground. 

"What is it this time? Are you trying to stop me with this wind? Well guess what, it's not going to happen. You hear me?" I shouted in the middle of nowhere. It made me feel stupid. I could not see a hint of light anywhere. Not to mention that the wind was making my eyes squint and could not see a thing.

Unanticipatedly, I noticed a bizzare  sound. It was the kind of sound I heard from Book face, but this time it was more melodic. I tried to concentrate from where it was coming from and I realized that the wind was trying to say something to me.

"You cannot stop me, little girl. Give me one good reason why. Why should I listen to you and give you the chance to get out of this wonderful and extrordinary world of knowledge. Girls like you need this kind of knowledge that this place holds so you could be safe from harm," the wind replied in an angry tone after noticing that I could hear him.

"Well then answer me this!" Trying to make my voice heard from the loud noise the wind made. "What can knowledge give me if I can't experience in real life, as I said before to Book face, you need to experience these things in reality than to waste your time inside four walls and a ceiling? What makes this place so great that you can't leave it in the first place? That you live like a prisoner?"

"I don't have to explain myself to you little girl, I can just push you back where you came from, or to make it more entertaining, why don't you try and find the door you came from," the wind said in a wicked voice. Howling as loud as he can with satisfaction.

I tried everything possible to break free from what it was getting at. I would not obey the foolish nonsense that it wanted me to do. I had to struggle as much as I can to acquire the thing I wanted most. What about my needs? Weren't those important to anyone around here? Probably not from the way they treat me.

After a long and hard fight to find what I wanted, I remembered the sack Rosaline had given to me. She had told me that it contained food, water and everything that I needed to get out of here.

I grabbed the sack's right handle as hard as I could to not lose grip and I turn it around towards me. I opened it and a huge flash of light blinded me for a few seconds but they adjusted to the light pretty fast. Then something strange happened.

I noticed that the wind had stopped. I could not feel the wind's prescense anymore. At that moment, the path in front of me appeared.

I walked quickly to the light that followed; It was only thirty seconds away. They were three brightly lit torches containing three different flames.

A yellow flame...

A green flame...

And lastly, a blue flame...

I took hold of one of them and a secret door opened before me.

The End

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