The Friendship door

I took the girl's hand and rushed us through the friendship door. I expected this door to be the best cause I mean "friendship", doesn't that mean trust?

Again the door closed behind us. At least now the church people couldn't follow us anymore. I slowed to a stop. Then I turned around to see the girl smiling up at me in a gleaming way.

"Why are you smiling like that?"

No response came. I decided to ignore her and look around. It was then that I realized it was getting warmer and brighter. I was underneath the sun and on a green meadow in the middle of nowhere. Patches of flowers and grass spread out under my feet and I felt relaxed.

"The name's Gabriella. Nice to meet you." The girl spoke in a soft and delicate voice.

"Um... Same here. The name's _____. Do you know where we are?"

"As you can see, this is the friendship's room. It's the place where you would like to go with a friend."

I had a bit of trouble understanding her, but I knew what she was talking about. This peaceful place could really make you feel at home. I sat down on the grass and unknowingly fell asleep.

By the time I woke up, the sun was close to setting. I glanced around but couldn't see Gabriella anywhere. I got up and walked around. Instead, I saw a table with a stack of cards in the middle of it. As I walked closer, I also saw a sheet of paper with a list of directions on it:

1) Shuffle the deck of cards and separate them into three piles one next to another.
2) Take one card from each pile and place them on the desk in the same order one next to another.
3) Then take another card from each pile and line them underneath the first row.
**NOTE: The cards must be facing down.**
4) Flip the first row over and three words will be shown.
5) Flip the second row and those are your answers.
6) Choose one and ONLY one.

I did as the directions said and the three words popped up: "YOUR FRIEND DIED"

I lifted up my head to see Gabriella stabbed through the heart and blood flowing out. I gave a cry and a tear dripped on the floor. The beautiful and delicate girl turned into a horrifying figure. I had no choice but to continue with the directions.

I flipped over the other three cards: "LIFE" "LIBERTY" "HAPPINESS"

I door appeared at the spot where Gabriella's body was. I took one of the card and inserted at the slot. "Goodbye my friend..."

The End

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