The Blue Door

Something felt…  Different about this door.  Not that anything else had seemed normal, of course, it’s just that the blue one seemed to be…  Surreal.   When I reached out, a familiar voice rang out.

“Don’t.  There are many things in this Maze.  Wonderful, beautiful things that you will never find anywhere else.  Many people have passed through these corridors, and many of them return here to the Corridor’s Library.  However, anyone who goes through that door has never returned.”  I looked about, but I couldn’t find who was speaking.

A flicker of movement above caught my attention, though, and when I looked up I was face to face with…  A face.  It was made out of the books themselves, stretching itself out from the shelves.  More amazing, though, was that I instantly recognized that face, because I’d seen it thousands of times in a mirror.  The Book Face was a doppelganger of some sort, and with a shudder I realized it was using a copy of my voice too.

In the tones I recognized as my own it pleaded, “Please, don’t give into its enticements.  That path wants you to walk it, all the way to your own demise.”  I looked back at the Blue Door, and it seemed to be more menacing than before.  It was as though the light of the Library was bending itself away from it.

Swallowing the lump in my throat, I answered the Book Face, “Seems like everyone just wants me to stay here forever, huh?  Well, here’s a thought.  I have a life waiting for me, and I can’t waste time in this Maze.”

“And when you’re dead!?” Book Face roared.  “Then that life will truly despair, because there won’t be anyone to wait for!”

I calmly looked up at the creature that was mimicking my looks, and said, “You’re certain that everyone who goes through that door is dead, huh?  Here’s a thought.  They didn’t come back, because they found the way out, the path home.  That’s why they were wandered these halls in the first place.”

The Face huffed, “Cocky little…  Even you should be able to feel the malevolence that pours off that doorway.  How can there be any doubt that way leads to death?  It’s impossible for the exit to be that way.”

                Once more I looked at that door, and the Book Face did not lie.  The Blue Door seemed to have a chill that seethed from every crack and clawed at the senses.  I felt a small grin tug at one side of my mouth, though, as I walked toward that terrible gateway.

                Not looking up, I spat at the Face, “You and everyone here, who lingers in these corridors for all eternity, are nothing but cowards.  You hide here, desperate to stave off the life that waits for you outside these walls.  That’s exactly why I know now that my salvation is down this path.  I don’t know much about this Maze, but I think I understand a bit about it now.”

                I paused just long enough to look the Book Face and announced, “The path to freedom would be hidden so that cowards can’t find. That way, there can be no doubt that only someone with the strength and determination to truly live would see the daylight again.  There may be beauty in these corridors, but I know there is something even greater waiting for me in the real world.”

                Quietly the Face quierried, “Oh…  What is it?”

                “Truth.  The truth that can only be found in living.”  On that note I ripped open the door and stepped through.

                Just before the door closed behind me I heard the Book Face retort, “Sometimes people deserve something better than the truth.”  Then the door snapped shut.

                I whispered to myself since the door had closed behind me, “Foolish creature.  That’s the greatest lie of all.”  Looking up I noted everything that was in this new room.

                It was small, about the size of a school gymnasium, but for what it lacked in size it made up for in its abnormality.  The walls were made of a clear crystal, and every few moments they would change color.  It was like I was inside a frozen rainbow.

                Inside the crystals countless glyphs and signs danced and twirled.  As the color changed, so did the hieroglyphs.  It was dizzying to watch, and I was worried I would become sick, so hitching up the bag a little higher I walked over until I stood in front of three new doors.

                A door made of emerald...

                A door made of diamond...

                A door made of ruby...

The End

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