The Green Door

I grasped the golden handle on the green door. Without a word, I swung it open and exited the stuffy safety of the library. I closed the door tightly behind me, which is when I felt something get a hold of the doorknob. Leaping back, I took in my surroundings for the first time since I had entered the room.

What I set my eyes upon was a seemingly everlasting expanse of green. Grass and leaves grew tall from the ground and ivy climbed in spirals up mossy trunks of trees which extended meters high into a canopy that seemed to replace the sky. Bushes of all shapes and sizes were dotted all over, making it nearly impossible to go anywhere. Nearly. I grasped the humid air in my hands and looked in my pack. There was nothing in it.

"But they said there was stuff in it..." I moaned, then turned to go back.

Darn. Spiny lengths of vines had grown back over the door, making it impossible to open.

Wait. How did they grow so quickly...? What if... This place was alive?

The chance of impending doom seeped into my mind. I started to run, but I was restrained by grass that had grown up and latched itself to my feet. I pulled even harder away and I was able to tear the grass. I bolted off forwards. Around me, the green grew up and out at me. As the bushes seized me I swung around the useless leather bag. "What I could really use is a knife!!," I shouted out.

A knife fell out of the bag. Cool. I grabbed it and started swinging like crazy. The bush let go and I went off running, clutching the bag and swinging the knife in front of me. I met a wall, stopping about an inch in front of it. Three doors. Wood, brick and metal. The grass is growing quick. I need to make a choice soon.

The End

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