The Opal door

You decide that you'll try the Opal door, and begin to tug at the handle.  It doesn't open very easily, in fact,  you use every ounce of strength to move the solid rock door.

Eventually, you do get it open.  Not seeing anything, you go into the room.  The door slams behind you.  Figures.  You think.

When your eyes finally adjust to the dim light, you see you are in a chapel filled with people of all shapes in sizes.  They are all sitting in pews, bowing their heads, and faint organ music plays.

"Hello?"  You say, unsure of what to do. 

The people don't acknowledge your existence, they just continue with their silent prayers.  Your eyes wander to the front of the chapel, where you see a pastor standing behind a gilded bible stand.  His head is also bowed, and his hands are placed graspingly on the altar.

As you make your way to the front, the organ playing gets steadily louder until you can no longer make out the sounds of your heavy breathing.  When you get to the front, you stand in front of the altar and gesure to the pastor.  "Hello, sir.  I'm terribly sorry to bother you at a time like this, but I..."

He looks up at you and he is wearing a masquerade-type mask.  His eye sockets are a bright red that stop you in your tracks.  His lips are curled into an evil scowl.

You hear a great shifting sound behind you and turn around to find out what is happening.  All of the people get up from their seats simultaneously and begin to make their way towards you. 

"Over here!"  Shouts a voice.  You look at the source and see a young girl about your age waving at you frantically.  The horde of churchgoers splits up and half of them go after each one of you.

The girl runs through an archway.  Seeing that you have no other chance, you follow her.  After sprinting through a few corridors, you find yourself face to face with the girl.  She is wearing a green V-neck and is actually quite pretty.  Her wavy blonde hair highlights her face perfectly, giving her a near-perfect complexion.

In front of you two are three doors.  Each of them are made of the same material, but have different words printed on them.  They read the following:


You two hear the sounds of footsteps behind you.  They are getting very close.

"Your pick."  She says, rushing the decision.  "Hurry up." 

After a moment of thinking, you take her hand and go through...

The End

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