The Brass door

You decide to go through the second door, the brass door. There was just something about that door that caught your eye. You had no desire to go into the rotting door. Gross, you thought. The third door was interesting, but you had to pick one, and the ornateness of the Brass door beckoned.

The scene before you is right out of a Jane Austin movie (or book if you like that sort of thing). You are in a huge ballroom. The floor has a waxed shine that looks slippery. There is a balcony that wraps around the room on all four sides, but you don't see a way to get up there.

You walk to the middle of the room. You look back in the direction you had come, and sure enough, there is no brass door. However, the wall is decorated with a heavy looking, ornate tapestry.

"Wow!" you say out loud. You can't seem to help yourself. You are really glad you picked the brass door. You just wish you could get out of this maze.

The other three walls each have a door. They are not decorated like the rest of the room. They each have their own theme.

The first door is a normal looking, glass office door. You try to look through, but something is blocking or glaring the light so that the other side is opaque.

The second door is a bedroom door for a little kid. You can't tell if it is for a boy or a girl. The colors could go either way. There is a sign on it saying "Keep Out!"

The third door is a UniSex restroom door. There is nothing fancy about it.

You think for a while and then decide to go through ...

The End

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