The Rotting door

You open the rotting wood door and walk through practically on your toes. Closing it behind you, you take in a breath - only to cough it out. It smells putrid in here. "Hello?" you call into the seemingly nothingness.

Then, a dim light flashes on. "Hey, where am I?" you call in that direction.

You hear a groan in the distance. "Are you okay?" you start over towards the light. "If we can get out of here-"

A hand wraps around your ankle. You pause and try to carefully look down. Out of the shadows, an ugly, wet, decomposey hand has grabbed your ankle. No need to freak out or anything. That would be irrational.

You run, screaming, to the light. There is a pile of wood near a fire that looks like it was built in a bird bath. You feed the fire, frantically throwing the wood into it.

"Youuuu..." Another hand began to come out of the shadows. A little less decomposey than the other. But just as scary. Then came an arm. And then a head. You draw in a sharp breath. It has no eyes, and disgusting dying flesh hung slackly on a dented skull.

"Get away from me!" You light a piece of wood and jab it in front of you, trying to ward off the creep. His hand catches fire and he looks at it, dumbfounded.

You feed the fire until it's practically a bonfire. You look out at the newly lit nowhere.

There's a pile of them. A heaping pile, full of wriggling masses of dying flesh. You shriek, and with your torch in your hand, you run off to where you see... Three more doors.

When you get closer, you see that they're made of red leather, old rubber tire shreds, and... Stitched together barbie dolls. Weird. But no time for that. You need to pick one! Now!

The End

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