Old Red Door

You open the Old Red Door and walk through it.  Immediately, the air gets freezing and you find yourself in a dark room lit only by a candle in the middle.  You walk over to the table and look at the candle.  Sitting in front of it, is a note.  It reads:

For the soul who finds this candle, I wish you good luck.  The journey upon which you have embarked is not an easy one, nor a pleasant one...  But nevertheless, you must go on.  Nothing can get you out now except for your own wit and wisdom.  Luck must be with you, otherwise you will find yourself...  In a bad place, so to speak.

PS - Don't gain too much hope from the fact that this candle is still burning, my friend.  The thing was drenched in oil so it can burn for weeks.

~Master of The Maze

After reading this, you blink twice and pinch yourself to make sure you're not dreaming.  Realizing that you are indeed, awake, you pick up the candle and look around the room.

It is fairly plain, bearing only a chair, a table, and a pen.  The ink in the bottle next to the pen has long gone dry.  You sigh and scan the perimiter of the room.  Once again, three doors are placed adjacent to each other, each of a different material.  This time, they are all labeled.

You hold the candle close to the doors and find that they are all labeled with a certain emotion.  Mystified, you step back and take the names in. 


"By the end of this, I have a feeling i'm going to be very tired of doors."  You grumble, approaching...

The End

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