Mirror Door

As I opened the door, I came across many mirrors. All of them are the make-up of the maze walls. In every kind of angle I see myself. Even the floor and the ceiling was a mirror.

"Hello?" I said. No one answered. I was sure the boy came in this direction... I hope.

Just then, out pops a little head in the mirror in front of me. It was the boy! What luck. I raced ahead towards the disappearing shadow and followed it. I went just a bit too fast. I'm embarrassed to say by I tripped on a banana peel. Of all the places it could have been it just had to be right there. When I picked up my head I saw a puppet. Strings were dangling from all of its joints. Click. Click. The sound of the puppet moving ringed in my head. It slowly lifted its hand and pointed to my right. I looked and I saw nothing there.

I looked at the puppet and it nodded to me. I guess this was the right direction. I walked and walked just to find myself at another dead end. I was about to turn around when someone gave me a sudden push. I went head on into a mirror when it was only a bubble reflection.

The boy stood in front of me holding the wires of the puppet. He smiled at me and went through one of the three doors... The Puppeteer Master.

Should I follow? But the other two signs looked so tempting too:


The End

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