The Bronze Door

You slowly open the bronze door, not appearing to have that many other options.  Hey, You think, If this place doesn't get me out, I can always try the other doors. 

As you step inside the room, it is lit with torches lining the walls.  "Someone has had to been in here recently."  You mutter, realizing this.  Overcome with curiosity, you lean up and touch one of the torches.

Suddenly, the bronze door that you had walked through slams shut.  You turn around to look for the door and see only a brick wall behind you.  "Hey!"  You yell, hoping for a response. 

Unfortunately, the words just bounce off the walls and echo throughout the room.  You curse under your breath and turn around.  There you see three doors, each of them a different substance.

The one on the left is rotting away and is made of old oak wood.

The one in the middle is made of brass and is very majestic looking.  The flickering light of the torches shines off it very prettily.  You can hardly resist wanting to touch it.

The last one is made of solid opal, hanging on crystalline hinges.  It looks like it weighs an even ton. 

You think for a while, and finally decide to go into...

The End

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