The Silver Door

I opened the door and noticed a blinding flash of light and I shielded my eyes from the pain. Once I opened them I was standing inside a huge silver room with a T shaped alley. I walked quickly over to the center of the alley and looked from left to right to reveal the walls both taking a sharp turn behind a wall. I decided to take the right.

There was a long hallway with millions of strange grey designs plastered on the walls. One of them looked like a circle with a smaller circle in the center while another was a cresent shape with long strings attached to it. The hallway ended with a turn to the right and obviously I took a right turn. 
To my surprise I came to a stop because there was no wheres else I could go. It was a dead end.

I turned around and ran around the turn I came from but bumped into something and fell to the ground. I looked up and saw a boy in baggy jeans and a black shirt wearing a frightened look on his face. As I stared at him he seemed to be nervous and was slowly covering his mouth taking a slow step back. I forced myself up to stand and stuck my hand out to the boy.

"Hello!" I said. The moment I opened my mouth he ran away. So I followed him. I followed him all the way back to the T shaped alley when I noticed he took the opposite way I took last time but I continued to follow him. There was a very short hallway before he took a sharp left and I did the same. Once again, I stopped in my track and to my surprise, the boy had vanished. Three doors stood in front of me. 

I decided to take:

The Mirror Door
The Pale White Door
The Old Red Door 

The End

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