The Golden Door


I had stumbled upon a library. But this was no ordinary library; it was a gorgeous room full with light and wonder. Rows upon rows of bookshelves filled the gigantic place, and each shelf was adorned with books of every shape and size, and ornament book ends to add a special touch.  The very colors in every nook and cranny seemed to be so vivid, as if they were being amplified by some enchanting power. Where there was space left to fill were slanted tables with lamps attached where you could read your book contentedly. And in the very center of the room was where the majority of this library's activities seemed to take place. There were at least two dozen soft comfy chairs, set in a circle around a big display of books that seemed to be partially covering the main desk for the librarian, who was sitting at her desk smiling warmly at me in greeting.

"Oh dear, don't you look a terrible mess! You should come in at once and dry off before you catch a cold."

"Thank you," I said, moving into the room hesitantly.

"Would you like some hot chocolate? Or perhaps some tea?"The kind librarian asked me, sitting me in a chair near the huge roaring fire place that had been hidden behind a few bookshelves.

"No, m'am, I'm fine," I said still looking around in wonder. "but, if you don't mind me asking, where exactly am I."

"Well, in a library, my dear child, you are wherever the books take you." The woman said dreamily."Whether it be on a safari in the rain forests of South America, or the busy street of Paris, or on a whole different planet entirely, these books can take you on adventures behind your wildest imagination."

"Um, well, that's great but, I really need to know where this place in particular is. I fell in a hole after I went to get out of the rain, and then I just took the first door I saw. Now I have to figure out how to get back home."

"Ahh," said the librarian, finally seeing my problem. "Well, this place is the magical library. As crazy as it seems, this entire place is just one big everlasting room, where travelers like yourself stumble upon it by mistake. Some choose to stay for an hour, others choose to stay for a century. The best part of this library is that anything within it never ages nor dies, which is why many chose to stay."

"Well how do I get out?"

"Aw, a pity. I thought after my tale you would surely want to stay. Oh well, Rosaline can assist you in leaving. Oh Rosie!"

Then appeared a child of about seven or eight years old. Her clothes were strange as if she had gotten then from a time long ago. Then I remembered what the librarian had said, and realized she must have been one of the children who chose to stay. So this everlasting library was real?

"Right this way." Rosaline lead me to three new doors, each one a different color. Yellow, green, and blue.

"I have to warn you, there are dangerous things outside of this library. And you won't go directly back where you came from so it will be a trip. Here, you should take this."

Rosaline handed me a leather sack that could be comfortably slung over my shoulder.

"It's filled with water, food, and a few other things you may need. Whatever you may desire on your journey will appear out of that pouch. That is if your quick enough to think of it."

At that Rosaline said farewell and walked back into the depths of the library. She couldn't be serious about the dangers behind the door. I mean it couldn't be that treacherous. Right?

The End

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