Green Flame

I could not believe my eyes with what I saw in front of me. The torch that was in my hand had disappeared. I did not care what happened to it or where it had gone. 

I was free.

I stood right outside the building from where I fell down from. The rain had stopped, it only sprinkled and I decided to go home. But I could not. Something was holding me back. The joy I was filled with stopped me from walking. My body could not handle the gravity any more, I lost balance and knelt down, putting my hand down for support. I started crying, I would never go into a strange building ever again, even if I was desperate. 

I made my way home, hoping to see my family again. I missed them so much, even though I was busy trying to break out of the maze, I did not give much attention to my only family. It was like the library put a spell on me and I could not remember them. But I did not want to think of that place no longer, I made the last turn to my home. All that thinking made me lose my escense of time.

I opened the door to see my little annoying brother waiting for me,  not to give me something comforting at the least, but something that he thought up of when I was taking my time to come all the way here.

"Hey sis, aren't you going to tell the parents what you have been up to, you've been missing for around 4 hours." He gave a cheeky smile and moved his eye-brows up and down. I knew what he meant when he did that, he always tries to think of the worst just to make me scream and pull my hair out in rage.

Right now, I did not have that much energy to react as I usually do. The things I had to suffer before had wasted all my steam. I just rolled my eyes, passed through him and headed myself upstairs to my room to take a nice warm bath so I could relax. I took off the sack and got my new clothes letting the water fall to warm up.

Having taken the nice luxurious bath I had been longing for quite a time, I got dressed and went down stars to see what we had for dinner. I did not realize how starving I was. My parents would surely be waiting for me to explain myself to them. I wish could just forget about it and act like everything is okay.

"Hello darling, how was your day?" My mother asked in her normal and not so stressfull kind of days.

"Pretty much okay, mum." I lied. I do not belive anyone would trust me if I told them the truth. But it also got me curious. Why was my own mother so calm about everything, not to mention my father -  he was ten times worst - he  could not control his anger. Didn't Jeff spill the beans already. If not that means he wants something and I didn't like that idea.

After dinner, when Jeff and I were alone, watching television, and the parents went to bed, I slid myself closer the him. "Okay, I know you're up to something now spill it."

"What do you mean, you little shrimp," he said in his earnest reply.

"You know what I mean, you turd, about me arriving late home of course."

"I have no idea what you are talking about."

I did no have the motivation to start a fight with my brother, especailly if it will make my parents wake up grumpy. I went up stairs again and fell asleep at the moment I laid my head down on the pillow.

The next morning, I woke up and had a awkward feeling. I let it slide as I thought it was only my stomach. At the dinner table my mother served us my favourite, pancakes with banana and chocolate, it was as if she new what I wanted for breakfast.

I picked up my fork and knife and sliced it into small peices. As I put it in my mouth, I had no sense that I was eating it. Something was wrong and the awkward feeling survaced at that instance. Everybody at the table were giving me a strange smile like all was all right, just like the movies.

Abruptly, I remembered that only the torch had disappeared, not the sack which meant that I was still trapped in the suffercating maze of a library. I ran up stairs for the last time to see what was going on. I pick up my sack and opened it. I found some food that I could eat and I searched for anything that could help me escape this  hallusination.

Finally, I found a weird sphere containing a white substance. It cracked in my palm and a gush of wind burst out of it, making the image before me evaporate in mid-air. My surroundings went black and a woman appeared in front of me, dressed in a white, long dress, glowing like a goddess.

"My child, you have beaten this level and have been given the opportunity to choose one of these keys. Choose wisely because the other two might be of your death. Once you have chosen it, put the key in this door behind me." The keys she carried where attached in a twined chain on her dress, making it all the more beautiful than ever.

I nodded in response and held out my hand to take one of the three keys.

One Gold...

One silver...

And one bronze...

I take hold of one of them, pass the lady and hope the key I have chosen is not one of my death.

The End

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