Run to the door opposite

You run blindly in the direction you think the door is, but all you find is bats. If only you had your matches! But your pack is gone - you might fight without it.

Your shoulder hits stone, jarring your body. You feel along the wall until you find a door - you've no idea if it's the one you came in by or the other one. Luckily, the door opens with ease, and you slam it after you.

This room is pitch black too, so you sheathe your one remaining dagger and draw the enchanted sword again. The room must be huge, however, because you can still see barely anything. Again you wish for your pack, but it's too late now.

Holding the sword out in front of you, you shuffle forwards like a blind man.

Suddenly the ground beneath your front foot falls away sharply, and you step back as if scalded. You've found a pit to catch unwary travellers. You must get across it - you can't battle those bats again. But how?

The End

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