Take the door on the right

Despite the old man's warning, you decide to try your luck against the troll. If you had weapons and armour, especially enchanted ones, you would be much safer.

You push at the door. It's very heavy and you're quite tired by the time you finally enter the room. You barely have time to glance around when a roar deafens you. You look up to see an enormous troll, nearly twice your height and brandishing a brutal-looking axe. Its skin is red and blotchy, dark hair falls in its eyes and it's dressed in only a dirty loincloth.

The troll brings down the axe on your head, but you duck out of the way, unsheathing your shortsword as you do so. You're considerably lighter on your feet than the troll, and manage to dodge and weave about it, and even thrust at its legs a few times, but it soon becomes obvious that you'll never defeat the troll like this. You need a better weapon.

Then you see two chests in the corner. One must have the weapons! But which one?

The End

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