The right one

In a split-second decision, you dive towards the right chest. You scrabble desperately to open the lid, but it seems to be stuck fast! The troll roars again and charges at you, axe held high above his head, ready to cleave you in two.

The lid of the chest springs open and you reach inside to pull out...

... An enormous sword! It shines like a beacon with an unearthly light. The hilt seems to mold itself to your hand. This is the right chest!

You swing the sword easily, as if it weighs nothing and was made for you, before bringing it down on the troll's head. Blood spatters in your face; the troll is killed instantly. You have won!

You leave the body where it is and search through both chests. You keep the sword, strapping on its scabbard, and find a light chainmail vest that will give you a good amount of protection. You also put on greaves and a helmet.

All ready to go, you step over the fallen troll and make your way back to the corridor.

The End

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